Gypsum Concrete Sound Floors

has the solutions for a wide array of topping and leveling problems. from schools to retail, industry inc., provides cost effective products to meet many leveling needs.

Gypsum concrete installation for fire and sound ratings in wood frame multi-family and hotels. Sound attenuation mat installation under resilient finish floors for sound rating compliance. Resurfacing of concrete finished floors – Concrete repair for commercial up-fit – Floor topping for radiant heat installation Elevated lightweight concrete installation at wood frame breezeways and balconies with a positive drainage waterproofing system. Waterproof pedestrian traffic coating over elevated decks.

Beautiful patios and outdoor areas!
Self Leveling
Resurfacing and Repair
Gypsum Concrete
Sound Attenuating
Environment Friendly
Radiant Floor
Light Weight
High Performance
Extends Working TIme
Abrasion Resistant
Quick Drying
Low Profile
High Strength
Indoor areas you and your family can enjoy for years to come!

Why Choose Us

Let us now emphasize on the main benefits that you will get by using Gypsum Concrete.


The quality and safety of our products has always been the top priority at Sound Floors, Inc. Today, our underlayments are an integral component of over 100 UL-rated floor/ceiling assemblies with one to four hour fire ratings.


Sound Floors offers lightweight sound reduction concrete. We deliver a high level of acoustic control for interior privacy, not just for residential structures, but any light-weight construction where airborne (IIC) or structural noise transmission (STC) can be an issue.


Sound Floors has an ongoing commitment to our environment. We have been using recycled content, since we use the first bag of FIRM-FILL® Gypsum That commitment informs the decisions that we have made not just in the formulation of our products, but in the sound mats that we use. We intend to continue to make environmentally friendly decisions for the next thirty years.

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